About Shanglin

Born in Beijing in 1948, Shanglin lived in Shanghai during his early years and then moved to Hong Kong in the late 1970s where he works in business and commercial design.

He has devoted all his life to the study of Chinese traditional culture and art: Dunhuang art, Chinese calligraphy, seal cutting, ancient Chinese characters, the Indian Sanskrit and Western art at all levels, and is distinguished for his great accomplishments.

His works convey strong traditional oriental style and design, while the layout is not stagnating, indicating the state and the thought of the unity of heaven, earth and humanity. They are not only personal expressions of the incorporation of Eastern and Western arts, but also the transmission of life signals which come from the depths of the ancient universe.

His artistic life is, since his childhood, self-educated and self-enlightened, while being both innovative and integrative. In all of his works, Shanglin strives to sustain the rich heritage of Chinese culture for the benefit of contemporary and future generations of East and West.

Deckchair Design

Shanglin donated two deckchair designs to Deckchair Dreams in 2010.

Shanglin Deckchair

Shanglin Deckchair