Qiu Zhijie


About Qui Zhijie

Qiu Zhijie was born in 1969 in Fujian and is one of China’s most versatile artists. He is a conceptual photographer known also for his paintings, calligraphy, installations and video. Qiu’s works are intensely philosophical and quirky. The artist looks at the struggle between destiny and self-assertion; he deals with social fragmentation and juxtaposes traditional Chinese images with modern symbols. It is almost like the artist as a scientist, testing the boundaries of the universe, playing around with different mediums to see how they relate and how the viewer can relate to them.

In the early 1990s, he experimented with “anti-individualism,” erasing any sign of the individual from his works. Later, he photographed and edited pictures of himself, with a giant red character for the word “bu” - which means “no”- seemingly painted across his body and the wall. He is also a prolific artist, a curator, and author of several books of art criticism. Qiu’s works have been widely exhibited internationally, and are often included in major exhibitions of photography and new media from China. He lives and works in Beijing.

Deckchair Design

Qui Zhijie donated a deckchair design to Deckchair Dreams in 2010. The design comes from one of Qiu's print works in 2008 called 'The Star of Wisdom Has Gone', in which a bird with a Chinese writing brush is flying past. The surrounding spiral airstream is on one hand stimulated by the bird's wings, while at the same time assisting the bird's flight and directing the swing of the writing brush. The deckchair design illustrates the relationship between writer-creation and the world.

Qui Zhijie Deckchair