Hu Xiangcheng


About Hu Xiangcheng

Hu Xiangcheng was born in Shanghai in 1950. After graduating from the Stage Design Department of Shanghai Theatre Academy, he taught at Tibet University for ten years. He went to Japan in 1986 from where his key position in the story of the rise of new Chinese art began. His intimate experiences of Japan and of Africa have strongly influenced his works.

In recent years, Hu Xiangcheng has played an important role in rescuing the beautiful canal village of Zhou Zhuang from reckless modernisation. He is still also constructing several modernised traditional Chinese architectural buildings in canal villages around Shanghai and is the artistic director of the African United Pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai Expo.

Deckchair Design

Hu Xiancheng DeckchairHu Xiangcheng donated a deckchair design to Deckchair Dreams in 2010. Hu was inspired by the fact that the hidden world leaks out various possibilities. In this design, each line has its own home to return to, and the unexplainable energy depicted by the red and blue paint indicates our actions.