Danielle Eubank


About Danielle Eubank

Danielle Eubank is an oil painter from Occidental, California, and holds an MFA from UCLA. She is known for her undulating, ‘close up’ paintings of water, remarkable for the way they capture the personality of the subject. Her work is modern, formalist, although strongly rooted in the realm of figurative art. In her paintings of water, she uses reflections to enhance the composition and approach the subject of light. Her artistic vision is influenced by the rich and varied landscape that surrounded her in her formative years: the rugged Pacific coast; the dank, purple-shaded Redwood groves; the vineyards and golden hills of California.

Danielle will be an expedition artist for Phoenicia, the re-creation of a sixth century BC Phoenician sailing vessel, that will depart August 2008 from Arwad, Syria. It will sail for 10 months, through the Suez Canal, around the Horn of Africa and down the east coast, before heading up the west coast, through the Straits of Gibraltar and across the Mediterranean, returning to Syria. A total of 17,000 miles.

In 2004, she joined the international Borobudur Ship Expedition, travelling 10,000 miles with the replica eighth century Indonesian wooden boat from Indonesia to the Seychelles, Madagascar, South Africa, and Ghana. The paintings and photographs created during this voyage were presented at a solo exhibition at Thompson’s Gallery, London.

In 2005, Eubank was an artist in residence in Bali for three months creating a series of 20 paintings celebrating the culture, people, seascape and artistic heritage of the island.

In 2006, she painted General Sir Peter de la Billiere’s portrait for the Naval and Military Club in London, unveiled by His Royal Highness Prince General Khaled bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia in May 2007.

Deckchair Design

Danielle Eubank DeckchairDanielle donated a deckchair design to Deckchair Dreams in 2008. Visit our online shop to purchase a deckchair designed by Danielle Eubank and help support the Royal Parks.