Nathan Coley


About Nathan Coley

Glasgow-based artist, Nathan Coley is an established international artist whose work examines the way in which the values of a society are reflected in its built environment. His practice is based in an interest in public space, and explores how architecture comes to be invested, and reinvested, with meaning.

Coley has become known for works of public sculpture which he researches in depth engaging with local people, carrying out site visits, archival research and extensive photographic documentation. He also works in other media including gallery-based sculpture, photography, drawing and video. One of his exhibitions in Edinburgh in 2004, ‘The Lamp of Sacrifice – 286 Places of Worship’ involved the artist re-creating all the places of worship in the Edinburgh Yellow Pages, a massive area including all of the capital, the Lothians, Fife and the Borders. The places of worship were painstakingly recreated from cardboard and included churches, synagogues, meeting house and Salvation Army halls.

Deckchair Design

Nathan donated a deckchair design for Deckchair Dreams Collections 2006.

Nathan Coley Deckchair