Michael Clark


About Michael Clark

For over twenty-five years Michael Clark has been redefining the nature and limits of contemporary dance. His perversely virtuoso and anarchic choreography and absurdist staging of his performances have radicalised dance’s relationship to itself and to its audience. Key to his work is openness to the possibilities offered by music and the visual arts.

Clark’s mix of rigorously controlled choreography and head thumping, heart-pumping music is part of the way he works with the formal vocabulary of classical dance, reshaping it from without through an almost sensory bombardment, as well as from within the form of dance itself.

His underlying approach is cacophonous, exploiting confusion, visual contamination and disruption. His work is also formally rigorous and masterful, suggesting a palpable handling of his medium in a way that goes beyond pure movement to encompass an expanded plasticity.’

Deckchair design

Micheal donated a design for Deckchair Dreams Collection 2006.

Michael Clark Deckchair