Kate Bright

About Kate Bright

Kate Bright was born in Suffolk in 1964 and now lives and works in London. She makes landscape paintings with the addition of glass, glitter, polystyrene and resin. These materials stand for the phenomena that they represent in the real world: the froth on the crest of a wave, frosty snow on a mountain or the glint of sunlight on water. These materials used in the paintings refer to the natural without being of it, and underline the illusionary aspects of painting.

Aware of the history of the depiction of the subject she is concerned with making contemporary landscape paintings that refer to the land and our relation to it, our use and abuse of the great out doors. It is part of a British tradition.

Deckchair Design

Kate designed a deckchair for Deckchair Dreams in 2007. The chair design is taken from a series of paintings made in response to the reflections of Autumnal trees in Regent's Park. She says:

My deckchair design is a cropped image - part of a painting called Kate Bright Deckchair'Regent's Park (November)'. I wanted to use this image as it was made from photos I took in Queen Mary's Gardens in Regent's Park of the trees reflected in the water in the Autumn."

Kate's limited edition deckchair design is available to buy from our online shop. All proceeds help support the Royal Parks.