Jack Stephens


About Jack Stephens

After graduating from Swindon and then Buckinghamshire college of Art and Design, Jack began his advertising career in 1988 in London. Since then he has worked for most of the world’s leading Advertising Agencies including BBH, AMV and Leo Burnett, as either an Art Director, Copywriter or Creative Director.

He has won numerous International Awards including D&AD, Creative Circle, EuroBest, One Show, Clio and British Television Awards. During this time he has also run advertising workshops for numerous colleges and Universities including St. Martins, Watford and Bucks. He is currently working on projects for British Telecom, Mars, British Gas and Gillette. Along with his creative partner, Rob Nielsen, he developed the advertising campaign for Deckchair Dreams.

Jack donated a design for deckchair for the 2006 Collection of Deckchair Dreams.

Jack Stephens Deckchair