Fergus Henderson


About Fergus Henderson

Fergus Henderson is world renowned for his “Nose To Tail” approach to food which sees such unusual delights as chitterlings, chicken necks and squirrel make regular and welcome appearances on his award winning menus. He trained as an architect before becoming a chef and then opened the French House Dining Room in 1992 with his wife Margot.

In 1994, he left to start St John. Set in a former smokehouse near Smithfield meat market, the restaurant revels in the rural British tradition of using every part of the animal. Henderson has won numerous awards, including Best British and Best Overall London Restaurant at the 2001 Moet & Chandon Restaurant Awards. He has also joined the ranks of “published chefs”, with his book ‘Nose to Tail Eating’, which won the 2000 André Simon Award.

The philosophy behind his cooking is that “if you’re going to kill the animal it seems only polite to use the whole thing”.

Deckchair Design

Fegus donated a deckchair design for Deckchair Dreams in 2006. Visit our online shop to purchase his limited edition deckchair. 

Fergus Henderson Deckchair