David Lennon


About David Lennon

David is a copywriter within Cube-d, the global in-house creative team at Bloomberg.

Bloomberg, sponsors of Deckchair Dreams, challenged their staff to create a design for the Deckchair Dreams Collection 2007. David's was chosen as one of the two winning entries, alongside Michaela Edwards, after a very close run competition.

David says:

It saddens me that as we grow older, trees become something that just David Lennon Deckchair'look nice'. Trees are well better than that. All the best trees on the planet are ones I have interacted with. I may have climbed them, swung from them, thrown sticks at conkers hanging on them or just jumped out of the top of them when I was six years old (grasping an Action Man parachute in each hand with the complete belief I would land 20 feet below in next door's garden as lightly as a feather). I am going to buy somewhere in the future with a big tree in the back garden with big branches. Then, the first thing that's getting sorted out is a swing. Swings are underrated in general but everyone knows that proper swings in trees are ace. Swings are also a bit like deckchairs in that everybody sits on them in their own way, shuffling their weight around until they find a comfortable position, hence the design".

David's deckchair is available from the online shop.