Speak Up! 

Young people out in the parkA unique initiative inspired by the history of Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park, and the principle of free speech that’s such a cornerstone of life in the UK.

Speak Up! The Hyde Park Debating Challenge is a fantastic opportunity for London students in Year 8 and 9 to debate in the historic surroundings of Speakers' Corner. Participating students are:

  • Developing presentation, research and logical thinking skills
  • Learning history and environmental science in a real-world context with inspiring activities from the Royal Parks Foundation
  • Building confidence with expert coaching from Debate Mate

It all kicked off in May 2017 with an exciting event bringing different schools together at the Hyde Park Education Centre for a live debate. The next step is for 100 chosen students to develop their skills through a series of workshops back at their respective schools, preparing them for a public competition on Friday 9 June, live at Speakers’ Corner.

In the autumn term, the new debate teams will share what they’ve learned at their schools, and have an open debate on a topic of their choice with their peers. Taster workshops on debating will be offered to new students forming part of a new debating team for each participating school, with the option to join a London-wide debating league.

Speak Up! is completely free of charge to participating schools, thanks to the generous support of Almacantar.

Come and see the young debaters in action between 1.00pm and 7.00pm on Friday 9 June at Speakers' Corner in Hyde Park! All are welcome for an action-packed afternoon of activities uncovering the amazing history and present-day use of Hyde Park.