Discover Hyde Park’s dark secrets

11 September 2015


Throughout October and concluding on All Souls Day, the London Month of the Dead is a series of events to inform, entertain and provoke on the subject of death and London cemeteries. And this year you can discover Hyde Park’s dark secrets and take an exclusive tour of the Pet Cemetery, which is rarely open to the public!

During the guided walk, you’ll hear the stories of sites like the Tyburn gallows, an execution site for over 600 years where 24 felons could be hung simultaneously to an audience of ticket paying onlookers and Speakers' Corner where the convicted could voice their last words.

The walk will end with an exclusive tour of Hyde Park's Pet Cemetery which was opened in 1881 and became the final resting place of many dogs and cats, as well as a monkey and countless birds. The epitaphs on their stones quote everything from Shakespeare to the Bible and offer a fascinating insight into the Victorian mentality. It seems names for pets were no less silly then – the headstones bear inscriptions to Scamp, Smut, Chin Chin, Pupsey, Chips and Fattie among others.

Tickets are selling fast so book your place today!

All funds raised from the tour of Hyde Park’s Pet Cemetery will help us support the restoration of the Brompton Cemetery, one of London's Magnificent Seven Victorian historic cemeteries and a Site of Nature Conservation Importance.

The cemetery is in desperate need of restoration and we need your help to secure the funding to do this.  Our conservation plans focus on Brompton’s heritage, nature and community and we're proud to be working in partnership with The Royal Parks and Friends of Brompton Cemetery to make this happen. The Heritage Lottery Fund and Big Lottery Fund have pledged £3.7m of conservation support but to be able to access this we need to raise £500,000 from our generous supporters.

Help restore Brompton Cemetery by booking your tickets for the tour of Hyde Park’s Pet Cemetery here.

There are lots of exciting events taking place in Brompton Cemetery during London Month of the Dead too - check them out!