Our mascot Chester

Are you nutty enough to take on the challenge of scampering around the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon 2017 dressed as Chester the Squirrel, the official Team Squirrel mascot?

By taking on the challenge you commit to:

  • Running 13.1 miles dressed as Chester the Squirrel. This is no easy task, requiring a high level of fitness and determination - the costume alone weighs about 18kg and does have restricted visibility, so not a decision to be taken lightly!!*
  • Recruiting two bodyguards to escort you on your way
  • Raising a minimum of £1,000 for the Royal Parks Foundation
  • Attending two Team Squirrel social runs in the lead up to race day
  • Don’t mind being snapped and ‘papped’, join us on media opportunities
  • Share your training tips with the rest of the team

What you get in return:

  • The glory of running as Chester the Squirrel and the celebrity status that goes with this!
  • The honour of running with race bib number one
  • A guaranteed race place for yourself and two bodyguards in the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon 2017
  • Super Squirrel VIP treatment for you and your body guards on race day , with access to the Team Squirrel and VIP marquee

* Please note this challenge is undertaken at your own risk – you will be asked to sign a disclaimer.