Yoga in the Park

Yoga in Kensington GardensEscape the stressful hustle and bustle of the city by stretching, breathing and relaxing in the heart of London.

As the charity for London’s Royal Parks, we want to reach out to more people so they benefit from visiting the Parks, now and in the future. Practicing yoga in nature can help to ease the stresses of modern living, so to make yoga more accessible for everyone, we’ve partnered with Yeotown Health Retreat to launch Yeo London, Lets Yoga!

Ready, Set, Ommmmm...

The Yeo London! Let's Yoga! campaign was launched to highlight both the physical, mental and wellbeing benefits that yoga can bring to an individual and in turn how it can create a stronger sense of community. Yoga can also be fun, inspiring, incredibly beneficial and accessible to everyone, regardless of age or level of fitness.

So far, we've held two outdoor sessions, one in June 2011 and again on 24 June this year, where hundreds of you joined us for yoga in natural surroundings. Led by expert Vinyasa Flow Yoga Instructor, Merceded Ngoh, and her team, these inspirational events took place at The Round Pond, against the idyllic backdrop of London's well-loved Kensington Gardens.

Sunset yoga in Hyde ParkThis year, on 7 August, we held 'Sunset Yoga in Hyde Park', where Yeotown Yoga instructor Rali Gineva led an inspiring, fluid Sunset Vinyasa Flow yoga session in the grounds of the Isis Education Centre at The LookOut in Hyde Park. Read the blog and see the stunning photos from the evening.

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