Name a pelican

You've helped us name one of the new pelicans in St James's Park and had your say on the living heritage of the Royal Parks!

The three new pelicans swim in unison on St James's Park lakeThis year, thanks to the Tiffany Across the Water programme, three new pelicans have taken up residence in St James's Park. They join exisiting pelicans, Gargi, Vaclav and Louis. One will be called Tiffany, after the Tiffany & Co Foundation, one will be named later this year, and one name was chosen by you!

Voting for your favourite name

We had six names to choose from to name this young female Great White Pelican. All of them selected as they have special connection with the pelicans themselves and/or St James's Park:

  1. Bela – a Czech name derived from Slavic word for ‘white’
  2. Bety – suggested by Prague Zoo, a Czech version of Elizabeth
  3. Karola – a Czech name derived from Charles, the King who gifted the first Pelicans
  4. Isla – the name of the daughter of Malcolm, the wildlife officer who has cared for the pelicans in the park for over 35 years!
  5. Pearl – a classic ‘London’ name, and also a precious stone with Royal connections
  6. Queenie – also a classic London name, it’s also a nod to the Pellies’ neighbour at the Palace

The results....

400 of you took part in the poll and the winner with 23% of the vote was......Isla! 

We think it's lovely that our new, young pelican has been named after the daughter of St James's Park Wildlife Officer, Malcolm. He suggested naming one of the pelicans Isla after his daughter, reflecting how the pelicans have become like children to him! He has done a fantastic job of looking after these splendid birds for over 30 years, so it is fitting that his daughter now has a namesake amongst them. And we're sure you will agree!

Malcolm and Isla KerrIsla Kerr visited her dad in July 2013 to feed the pelicans and meet her pelican namesake. She said of learning of the new name:

I just felt proud for my dad because he has worked at St James’s Park for such a while. It’s also quite a privilege, in a strange quirky way: not many people can say they have a pelican named after them!”

Malcolm, Senior Wildlife Officer for the central Royal Parks, said,

It is a really nice surprise to have one of the pelicans named Isla and I’d like to thank all that voted. The pelicans are a great addition to our park. Caring and feeding them is a highlight of my day - I definitely have no excuse for forgetting their names now!